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Museum Mors

Museum Mors is a state-recognized cultural-historical and geological museum with geographical responsibility for Morsø Municipality.

Museum Mors

The museum was founded in 1901 and moved to Dueholm Monastery in 1909, where it still has its main address and administration. The old town museum was expanded with several departments from the 1980s onwards, and today the museum consists of Dueholm Monastery, Morsø Local Historical Archive, the Fossil and Moler Museum, and the Foundry Museum.

With a combined ticket, you can visit all the museums for free within the year.

Dueholm Monastery

Here you can explore a wealth of objects and stories from the cultural history of Mors. Among other things, you can experience the history of Nykøbing's development, learn more about Dueholm's history as a monastery and manor, see exciting finds from the area's ancient times, hear the story of shipping and fishing on and in the Limfjord, visit fascinating special exhibitions, and much more.

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Fossil and Moler Museum

The Fossil and Moler Museum displays an impressive collection of fossils and tells the story of the formation of the Moler over 55 million years ago at the bottom of a large sea.

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Foundry Museum

The Foundry Museum is a museum of industrial history and labor culture based on the Morsø Foundry. The museum is housed in one of the factory buildings where Morsø Foundry produced everything from pots and pans to stoves and ovens.

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Morsø Local Historical Archive

At the local historical archive, you can find information about individuals, associations, companies, etc. from the entire island.

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