by the Limfjord

Photo:Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune&Museum Salling

By the Limfjord you will find events in all sizes and themes for everyone in the family. See our selected events by the Limfjord here!


Skive Festival is held the first weekend of June every year on Strandtangen in Skive. Here you will get the real festival atmosphere with big concerts till the late hours on multiple scenes, food stands, several themed bars and much more. You can stay at an appurtenant camp where you can bring your own food and drinks. 


Skive Kaserne åbner for første gang dørene til endagsfestivalen ENGAGE lørdag d. 22. august 2020. Oplev en hel unik og festlig blanding af livemusik, stand-up comedy og Camp ENGAGE, hvor du kan komme tæt på en F-16, panseret køretøjer og meget andet fra beredskabet. Der kan købes mad og drikke på pladsen. Gratis for børn under 15 år ifølge med en voksen og for veteraner.

ENGAGE er arrangeret af Veteranfonden.


How did they live in the middle ages? You can get a good idea of this at "Bispens Marked" during week 30 in July. The castle and the area around it will be full of knights, entertainers and others who will take you back to the middle ages. Each day will contain of different shows which gives you a taste of what the time was spend on in that time. At the market you will find everything a middle age heart desires from clothes and jewellery to weapons and food. Come and have a fun and exciting day for the whole family and get a unique experience you will never forget. 


On Fur it is a tradition for the mussel fishermen to offer free tastings the last Saturday of May. There are a lot of activities at the harbor and more than a thousand people usually gather to taste the different mussel dishes. You can enjoy your meal at the large tent and listen to live music. Outside there are stalls selling beer and soft drinks. Join a festive day on Fur. 


Fur Bryghus throws a summer concert every year on the green lawn right in front of the brewery with a range of great concerts in August. Feel the unique island atmosphere right by the water surrounded by forrest. There will be a selection of food stands and of course a wide range of Fur beer!


The annual race for wooden sailing ships Limfjorden Rundt is rich in tradition and an impressive sight for spectators. The white sails against a blue September sky attract lots of people to the Limfjord every year. When the ships arrive in the harbours of Fur and Skive you can enjoy the festive atmosphere with music and shopping. You are also invited to board some of the ships for a closer look.


Glyngøre's Herring Festival is a great experience for the whole family. Eat gourmet meals with ingredients from the Limfjord, buy fish at the festival's fish auction, or watch the boat race from the quayside. Mingle as the music plays, and the children play and learn about outdoor recreation. Lots of activities right on the edge of the fjord.

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