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Destination Limfjorden aims to be among Denmark's most sustainable destinations

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Tourists leave a print

Tourists leave both positive and negative impressions together with prints on our nature and environment, as well as impressions on the people who live here and on the local people's economic opportunities and livelihoods. At Destination Limfjorden, we want to reinforce the positive impressions and reduce the negative print.

The aim of the strategy is to ensure the implementation of activities that:

  • increase the destination's ability to deliver sustainable holidays, which can attract more guests to the destination.
  • make tourism businesses more competitive and sustainable in the long term.
  • increase the attractiveness of the destination all year round.

The strategy primarily sets the direction for the work to develop the tourism businesses to become even more sustainable. But our guests do not only meet the representatives of tourism businesses on their holiday. They also buy groceries, shop in stores, refuel their vehicles, visit beaches and much more. Therefore, tourism players cannot create a sustainable destination alone. It also requires that other operators and stakeholders support and develop the elements that the guests come in contact with.

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Photo:Destination Limfjorden

We are need to think in a new direction

There is a greater and greater realization that the way we live today is not future-proof. The UN Climate Panel reports that reducing the emission of greenhouse gases is going the wrong way. Therefore, we are forced to find new solutions to meet our needs, which also affects the way we spend our holidays. More and more tourists are becoming aware of their climate footprint - also when they are on holiday. We must take that development seriously. The situation calls for green product- and destination development that meets both the present and the future demand.

Therefore, Destination Limfjorden will support business development and capacity-building around sustainable holidays, which gives the individual business an opportunity to act green and responsibly. At the same time, we want to make it possible for guests to make sustainable choices.

’Sustainable development' was defined in 1987: "A sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without jeopardizing the ability of future generations to meet their needs. "

Destination Limfjorden's green efforts

What is needed to reach the goal and what efforts must be implemented? Six different initiatives will collectively support the development and realization of a sustainable destination:

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1. Green tourism stakeholders

In order to broadly succeed in lifting the business life, we make a differentiated offer available so that we can provide help and guidance in both collective and individual processes.
Specifically, we will help the stakeholders with:


  • Specific improvements linked to the company and its products
  • Environmental labeling, such as the Green Key or the EU Ecolabel
  • Communication of the stakeholders’ sustainability
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Destination Limfjorden

2. Green tourist products and experiences

We will support product development and entrepreneurship in relation to offering experiences that burden nature and the environment to a lesser extent. Such can be outdoor experiences like hiking and cycling, but also gentle accommodation products and experiences, where guests contribute to the local community or gain knowledge and skills to act more sustainably.

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Destination Limfjorden

3. Green guests

We will help guests to make green choices by informing about the possibilities for:

  • being a green and gentle tourist, e.g., by communicating tips to guests and giving them the opportunity to choose and book experiences and accommodation that burden nature and the environment to a lesser degree
  • travelling sustainably to and around the destination (e.g., via public transport, cycling and on foot).

4. Green DMO

Destination Limfjorden helps the tourist industry in the area to become more sustainable, and we will also work on becoming certified as a Green Tourism Organization or similar.
As a green DMO, we think sustainability into our:


  • Operations, including purchases, meeting activities, transport and daily behavior in the office
  • Guidance and advising of the businesses
  • Creating marketing activities and visibility of the destination's stakeholders and experiences.
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5. Green cooperation and knowledge

Destination Limfjorden will go on a green journey together with the other Danish destinations in the project "Sustainable destinations in practice". The project provides the opportunity for knowledge-based destination development based on measurable indicators:

  • Green and sustainable tourism: Common indicators and monitoring of sustainable destination development
  • Strategic coherence and transversal collaborations: Transversal destination collaboration on sustainable tourism
  • Knowledge- and data-based development: Common indicators and monitoring of sustainable destination development.
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Destination Limfjorden

6. Green Municipalities

We will work with our three municipalities to improve the elements that are important to the guests' perception of the destination as sustainable, as well as the elements that influence the stakeholders' ability to offer sustainable products and services. For example:

  • Possibility of waste-sorting at tourism hotspots and holiday home areas
  • Accessibility to and provision of information about public transport
  • Outdoor infrastructure, including bicycle paths and routes as well as hiking paths and routes

​​​​​​​Charging infrastructure in the form of charging stations for electric vehicles and electric bicycles.

Show it, if you works on becoming more sustainable

There are many ways a company can communicate its responsibility. For example, by getting a third party to check its efforts. This can be obtained, for example, by being eco-labelled with e.g., Green Key, Svanen, Ecolabel or by becoming sustainable-goal certified or getting an organic food label, etc.

It is of course also possible to communicate your efforts through your own channels, but the credibility is not as high.

Examples of the companies that have an environmental label or are in the process of applying for one:

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Destination Limfjorden

Destination Limfjorden's Sustainability Strategy

Destination Limfjorden has a sustainability strategy, which sets the framework and direction for how we, as a DMO, can support the development of a sustainable holiday destination with a wide selection of sustainable holiday offers. The strategy is Destination Limfjorden's proposal for how we, as a destination, can work with sustainable destination development.

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