Limjorden' islands

Islands in Destination Limfjorden

Photo: Destination Limfjorden

The small islands in our Limfjord’s area are all unique and give you a feeling of being far away from the stressful, everyday life. Each island and peninsula have its own culture and DNA and you will quickly feel like you are a part of the island-culture.


Destination Limfjorden is full of both islands and peninsulas. It is a fantastic island area with many bays, slops, and impressive views.  

16 harbours, five ferry crossing, and five bridges will take you from one island or peninsula to another – from one experience to another.  

As a guest on these islands, it is almost impossible not to slow down and feel the authentic island atmosphere. Each island has its own history, and its population will welcome you with open arms.

Breath in, breath out. You holiday in Destination Limfjorden awaits you.   

"To travel is to live" - H.C. Andersen

Each island and peninsula have different experiences – some has many local galleries, some has small attractions, and some are known for their local restaurants and breweries. But one thing they all have in common is the beautiful nature, surrounded by our beautiful Limfjord.

Below you will find a small selection of the things you can experience on each island and peninsula.

Try also one of the boat trips, where you sail to a selection of islands and learn about the nature and the islands along the way. You can for instance try ”Island hopping to the island Livø”, where you for instance will see seals. You can also try a boat trip with a guide around the island Fur and you can sail with Denmark’s smallest ferry, Venøsund, from the island Venø.

Limjorden' islands

Photo:Destination Limfjorden

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