Let your senses arise in Østsalling

Photo:Destination Limfjorden&Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune

Østsalling is the location in which we can reduce the everyday high-speed completely. We can calm down, immerse ourselves and provide time to think and reflect. We grab the bicycle or the car for driving in a slow pace along twisting and narrow roads.

Østsalling invites you to stop and spend time with wonderful views, Aakjær's literature about beautiful Østsalling, exciting art, a distillery, alluring stories, green forests, breathtaking coastlines, hills, landscapes and the Limfjord, that are the main, beauty and focal point in all Østsalling.

Welcome to Østsalling!

Østsalling, Trailer

Photo:Thomas Køser

Østsalling, Skilt

Photo:Destination Limfjorden

Inspiration for wonderful experiences in Østsalling

Map over Østsalling

cykeltur p åFur


Photo: Jacob Lerche

Tag vandreskoene på eller hop op på cyklen og ta' ud og oplev Østsallings skønne natur.


Photo: Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune

Ta' en dejlig dukkert i vores skønne Limfjord. Du finder et udvalg af badestrande ved at klikke på billedet ovenfor.

Churches in Østsalling

Junget Kirke
Destination Limfjorden

In Østsalling you find many of the traditional Danish churches, that contain an exciting history. Most churches are open to the public, hence you can experience the church both from the inside and outside.

Map of Northsalling

Kort Nordsalling
Destination Limfjorden

Click on the link below to provide an overview of the northern part of Salling and places of the area to visit

Accommodations in Østsalling

Acquire a good night’s sleep at one of the many accommodations in Østsalling. Click on the image below.

Skive Fjord Camping

See options for acommondation in Østsalling here

Photo: Isabella Hauschildt, Skive Fjord Camping

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