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Photo: Mette Johnsen

Spend a camping holiday near the Limfjord and get lots of wonderful experiences with your family.

Camping holiday is both those who wants relaxation and enjoy the cosiness in the beautiful nature, and for those who wants many activities and full speed.

Camping holiday and family goes hand in hand. You have your base in your caravan and the kids can run around the whole camping area and play with the other children.  

But camping is also for those who want to relax and enjoy life – those who love to stay close to the nature and water and who wants a quiet and relaxing holiday. 

No matter what you prefer, there is always a campsite for you in Destination Limfjorden.

All our campsite has one thing in common - their neighbor, the inlet the Limfjord.

Skive Fjord Camping

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Photo: Isabella Hauschildt, Skive Fjord Camping

Lots of experiences for your camping holiday

On a camping holiday there is time for both relaxing and for lots of new experiences. Here you will find a small selection of some of the things you can do in Destination Limfjorden. 

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Jesperhus Blomsterpark

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