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By the Limfjord you will find lots of

Fun for kids

Holiday for the little ones

By the Limfjord we have lots of experiences for everyone - even for the little ones! Dive into the Limfjord for the animals of the fjord with the nature guide; go fossil hunting for 55 million year old fossils; take a trip to the tropical water park with a large pirate ship for the smallest ones and a wave pool and a water slide for the older kids, or go on a trip to the area's beautiful beaches and nature areas. All our beaches are child friendly as the water along the fjord is calm and shallow, and a large part of the beaches are equipped with bathing jetties!

Museum Gadespejlet

Museum and playground all in one

KCL badeland

Come along to the tropics

Go hunting in the fjord

Vision Kayak

Experience the fjord, two and two, in glass kayaks

Mange flere oplevelser i Limfjordslandet

Lyby Strand

Limfjordens børnevenlige strande

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Scenic experiences - also for kids

Cykel ikon


Natur ikon

Nature Park

Gåtur ikon


Vision Kayak
Vild med vand

Crazy about water

Ferie i børnehøjde er campingferie

Campingferie og børnefamilie er som pot og pande. Det er en fantastisk måde at holde ferie på sammen som familie. Med en fast base i trygge rammer kan børnene løbe frit rundt på pladsen og lege med de andre børn. 

Ferie i børnehøjde - CAMPINGFERIE