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KCS Badeland & Fitness

KCS Badeland & Motion has a large subtropical water park. Here the kids can be released into the children's pool with the large pirate ship and roller coaster, or in the wave pool where they can test their strength in the big waves. KCS Badeland also has a 57 meter long water slide with light effects, which the kids love!

In the meantime, you can relax in the hot tub or in the hot water pool with 34 degrees hot water. You can also take a swim in the 50-meter swimming pool with divided lanes. In the large swimming pool it is also possible to try the floating obstacle course where the kids can really be challenged!

On special occasions, KCS Badeland will stay open longer, and you can experience a different evening after dark with music and DJ - a sure win for the whole family!

If you get hungry along the way, you can visit Café Plask, which can be accessed directly from the water park, or in the cozy café area overlooking the water park. Here you can enjoy sandwiches, burgers, fresh salads, etc. or maybe grab an ice cream, candy or cup of coffee.

From the water park there is also a view of the modernized gym, where you can work out both cardio and weight lifting with the wide range of machines and equipment. The gym also offers areas of circular training, crossfit and spinning, as well as various challenging fitness teams that have something for everyone.

After being in the water or exercising you can enjoy a nice bath and end the day in the sauna, where you can warm up thoroughly.

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