Things to do in Destination Limfjord

Photo:Struer Museum, B&O&Museum Salling

Welcome to your Limfjords holiday. The authentic, untouched, and undisturbed fjord landscape awaits you. Never more than 15 km from the Limfjord. Always away from the city's stress and hustle. Always recharged when you return home.

Østers, skaldyr, østerssafari

Oyster and Shellfish

Nykøbing Mors, dark sky

Unique nature

Kunst, kultur

The Limfjords artists

Limfjorden is the perfect place to relax and enjoy each other’s company. You will not find any huge overzealous attractions here. Instead, you find a wide array of authentic and interesting experiences and get close to the nature around the Limfjord and the population that lives here.

Outdoor experiences

Gåtur ikon


Cykel ikon


Natur ikon

Nature Park

Lystfiskeri ikon


Dark sky, Mors

Dark Sky experiences

Activity map over Destination Limfjorden

Click on the picture below and see our activity map over Destination Limfjorden. The map is perfect when searching for your next adventure. However, the map only shows a selection of the many experiences in Destination Limfjorden. One this homepage and in our app "Visit Limfjorden", you will find many more experiences - and something for everyone.

Theme based experiences

If you have to choose, what is your favorite? Fantastic gastronomic experiences, unique art and culture, world class nature experiences or are you just crazy about water activities? No matter what, you will find it here. 
And don’t worry – you don’t have to choose. You can do it all!

Highlights by the Limfjord

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Østers fra Limfjorden

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Photo: Morsø Kommune

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