Art & Culture

Photo: Thomas Køser, Skive Kommune

Small galleries, impressive sculptures, local and national cultural treasures - there is much to experience at the Limfjord if you are interested in art and culture.

The Limfjord’s museums

Visit one of the museums in Destination Limfjorden. Besides their different special exhibitions, you are guaranteed to find some local history about this Limfjord’s area. Some of the museums inform about the history 50 years ago, while others inform about the history 55 million years ago.  

A selection of cultural experiences

If you are interested in art, Destination Limfjorden is a paradise for you. You will find many small artists who live and breathe for art. Explore you own genre – whether it’s small galleries, sculptures or art made of glass, wood, ceramic, etc. 
You will find a small selection here. 

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