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Højriis Castle – an enchanting and fun experience for the whole family

Højriis Castle on Mors is surrounded by the scenic environment, located next to the Limfjord, accompanied with a wonderful park where you also can see Denmark’s most beautiful weeping beech.

Come and enjoy "An Evening Cup" at Højriis Castle

For three weeks during the summer holidays, Højriis Castle opens its gates to the public and invites guests inside for this year's mystery. This takes place from July 8th to 31st, 2024.

You will have the exclusive opportunity to explore the castle's beautiful and dramatic universe. Listen at the doors, read the letters, stay sharp, and notice even the smallest details - you are the detectives, and it is up to you to solve what has happened. Along the way, you will encounter exciting characters who bring the mystery to life.

An Evening Cup - The Mystery at Højriis Castle

Everything seems peaceful at Højriis Castle this summer. But appearances can be deceiving. Sweet Miss Rose is afraid, but of what? Beneath the surface, conflicts simmer, and a mysterious detective arrives at the castle - what could he be here for?

Our talented actors are an essential part of the castle experience. Throughout the day, countless and vastly different improvised scenes with plenty of comedy and drama are played out. It happens everywhere - in the courtyard, in the knight's hall, with Miss Rose, in the parlors, and the many other truly fantastic rooms in the castle. The actors create a convincing illusion and literally give "life to the castle.

It's fun for everyone!


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You can read more about Højriis Castle and their mysteries on their webpage: Højriis Slot (In Danish)

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