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Cruise in the Limfjord

Come aboard the historic cruise ship Maja and embark on an extraordinary experience with a 4-day cruise on the Limfjord.

We sail around the Limfjord, savoring the fantastic nature and experiencing all that the fjord has to offer. Look forward to feeling the cozy atmosphere of the fjord's harbor environments and seeing the small towns from an entirely new perspective.

On this special Limfjord cruise, we take you, among other places, past the scenic island of Fur, located in the middle of the Limfjord. Also, anticipate experiencing the delightful Thy and Mors.

Just sit back and enjoy the view, the tranquility, and the fresh fjord breeze.

The Ship 'Maja':

The schooner 'Maja' was built in 1916 at one of the many shipyards along the Rhine in Holland. 'Maja' was formerly known as "Hans KW 56" and has been used over time as both a fishing vessel and a cargo ship. In 1997, the ship was restored and is currently used as a passenger ship, owned by Jegvan Åkerstrøm.

'Maja' has space for 75 passengers, but on our cruises, we value ample space, so there will be a maximum of 56 people on board. In the cargo hold, you'll find a salon with tables and chairs, as well as a sun deck with space to sit and enjoy the view and perhaps a small glass. There are toilets on board as we

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