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Soegaards vinhus

Shopping in and around Skive

Gågaden i Skive

By the Limfjord, you will find shopping for everyone from shoes, clothes and interior to second hand gold and unique art

Visit the shopping street in Skive where you'll find shops like Søstrene Grene, Vero Moda, Havanna Shoes, Søgaards Vinhus, and several cafés where you can enjoy a delicious lunch after at nice day of shopping!

You can also go visit some of the wonderful antique shops or visit one of the many local artists and get yourself a unique souvenir from your holiday by the Limfjord.

Shopping for the senses

Second Hand, antiquities, art and delicious taste experiences.

In Skive, you will find several different parking zones. Click on the picture and see all parking zones in Skive. Please mind that there can be restricted parking time and payment!