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Restaurant OTTO

OTTO is a modern brasserie in the heart of Skive. Here, classic dishes such as tartare, bisque, and much more are served - all with a modern twist and interpretation.

At Restaurant OTTO, the atmosphere is relaxed, and emphasis is placed on coziness, good food, and well-being. The mood is relaxed, and much of the food is served for sharing.

In addition to fantastic food, OTTO has one of the largest wine lists in the area. There are many options, both for those who are really into wine, and for those who just want a good taste experience without it having to be particularly expensive. At the bar, you can also enjoy one of their fantastic cocktails.

At Restaurant OTTO, they encourage their guests to eat at the bar, for example, if they are on the go. This creates an enormously cozy atmosphere.

Additionally, you can enjoy their delicious brunch every Sunday.

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