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Hancock brewery

One of the great prides of the region can be found in Skive - Hancock Brewery! Skive is home to the popular soft drink Sport-Cola, the tasteful lager beer Høker Bajer and the strong and full-bodied beer Gambrinus. Hancock focuses on quality more than quantity, and the brewing is still done by the old ways with a deep respect for the natural processes that underlies beer brewing. No industrial produced enzymes are added to help the course of nature. Only Danish produced malt is used when brewing beer, along with the finest and most expensive hops - the Czechish SAZZ - which is known as a seal of approval amongst beer experts. All beer, except from the light ale, ferments with fermenting yeast at a low temperature for a long time, and the maturing process lasts up to two years at temperatures just above-freezing temperatures. The selection consists of 18 different soft drinks along with 12 different beers and can be bought at almost every grocery shop in the Skive region - and at a good and local price!

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