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Jenle Museum

The famous author Jeppe Aakjær lived here together with his wife Nanna Aakjær from 1907 until his death in 1930. See the exhibitions and the artist's residence where Aakjær wrote several of his famous works.

Jenle Museum

Jenle was the home of the Danish writer Jeppe Aakjær and his wife Nanna.
The farmhouse was built in 1906-07. Jenle is a Danish dialect word for “lonely”, and at that time the farm was indeed isolated. In his study on the first floor overlooking Limfjorden Jeppe Aakjær wrote the majority of his poems, plays, novels and articles.

Nanna was also an artist, and her beautiful decorations can be seen everywhere at Jenle. Today Jenle houses both permanent and changing exhibitions related to Nanna and Jeppe Aakjær, however, also art exhibitions on contemporary pictoral art.

In Jenle’s café you can buy coffee, sandwiches and pastry.
Guided tours (partly in German and English). The guided tour is included in the admission fee. Visits or guided tour outside the seasonal opening hours only by appointment.

Alternating exhibitions in Jenle’s hall. The annually recurring Jenle festival takes place on the first Sunday of August.

Writers, artists, researchers, composers and others who need peace and quiet to concentrate on their work can rent one of the studios at Jenle – please see www.jenle.dk 



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