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Limfjords Camping and Water Park - Autocamper

Limfjords Camping and Water Park - Autocamper

Limfjords Camping & Water Park is located right next to a lovely beach, providing excellent conditions for windsurfing.
The camping site is large and spaceful, giving guests a opportunity to enjoy a relaxing, peaceful and family friendly camping experience.

The camp site

The camping site itself offers an waterland, open all year round.
Good playground with three bouncy castles, climbing wall and towers, rope bridge.
Mini-golf course, table tennis, moon-cars and mini-cycles.
200 plug outlets satellite TV.
Family rooms for rent with free access to our large barbecue site with a gas barbecue, benches and tables.


For contact or more information about Limfjords Camping and Water Park and their autocamping offer: Limfjords Camping and Water Park 

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