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Morning trips in GLASS KAYAK®

Go explore on a morning tour in glass kayaks on the Limfjord

Morning trips in GLASS KAYAK®

Explore the otherwise hidden and secret marine life beneath the surface of the Limfjord in these unique, completely see-through kayak/canoe hybrids with VisionKayak - one of the only places in Europe!

The trips in GLASS KAYAK® are almost like snorkeling - just without actually getting in the water! On the Morning trips, you get the best view through the kayak, as the more daylight = the easier it is to see through the water. These trips are perfect for families with children of all ages, couples, groups of friends, coworkers, events, etc. Everyone can join the tours regardless of age and level of experience.

On these trips in transparent kayaks, you can experience crabs scurrying across the bottom of the Limfjord, tiny sea anemones waving up at you, eel grass tickling the bottom of your GLASS KAYAK®, large areas of blue mussels, small fish, and, if you are lucky, the rare Limfjord oysters or the stunning
starfish, as well as all the other marine life underneath the surface of the Limfjord. At the same time, you get to enjoy a lovely experience in this particularly beautiful part of the Limfjord with forest all the way down to the waterline and very rich birdlife.

Anyone can join VisionKayak's trips - regardless of age and level of experience, as our GLASS KAYAK® is extremely stable, open, safe, and very easy to row and maneuver. You'll get a short introduction to basic techniques on land before we head out, and you'll borrow a CE- and safety-approved buoyancy aid (from size two years to adult XXL) that must be worn during the trip.

There's always at least one instructor from VisionKayak with you during the trip to ensure safety and answer any questions you may have about the kayaks, technique, the area, and the marine life.

VisionKayak is the first place in Denmark (and the rest of Central- and Northern Europe!) where you can experience see-through kayaks, so here's a great opportunity to experience something completely unique on your holiday! Remember to check out our sunset and full moon tours in GLASS KAYAK®, too.


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Date: The season is from around May till August (depending on the weather) - see dates in the booking system
Place: Marienlyst Strand, 7800 Skive
Information and booking: https://channel-6.pebc.combineservices.dk/product/view/id/41434 

Prices for 1,5-2 hour trip incl. a short introduction at land:

200 DKK/child max 12 years old

250 DKK/adult

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