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Naturlig Bevægelse - Yoga and Pilates

’Naturlig Bevægelse’ (natural movement) focus on the body’s natural movements with inspiration from the nature. She offers for instance SUP yoga/Pilates, Pilates at the Limfjord and “Mindfulness int the Forest” (Skovbad).

Naturlig Bevægelse - Yoga and Pilates

Lisbeth Bundgaard is the owner of this little place. She is a Physiotherapist, Master in Pilates, and a nature therapeutic. She loves to teach in the nature, where the ground is soft and natural, where you can see the sky and hear the ’music’ from the surrounding birds, the Limfjord and the wind.

She is inspired by the animal’s and the nature’s movement and uses this in her classes.

Naturlig Bevægelse is placed in North Salling, only 1,5 km from the island Fur. Her activities will often be on Fur or in North Salling.

SUP yoga/pilates

SUP yoga/pilates is slow Pilates and yoga exercises which is possible to do on a Stand-Up Paddle board. Here you start with feeling the water beneath you and taking deep breaths. Then you will, slowly, start with other exercises that is more difficult and requires a good balance, but still in a tempo that your body can handle. And it is not as hard as it sounds.

Each SUP board is connected to the teacher’s platform so your board wont flow away. You can borrow both wet suit and swimming west.

Pilates at the Limfjord

Pilates at the Limfjord is for those who wants to work with the whole body, on a safe and soft ground, with a view over the Limfjord. Here you work with your breathing and the body’s natural movement. Afterward you will feel a relief and a great feeling in your body.

”Mindfulness in the forest” (Skovbad)

’Skovbad’ is about being present, right now, in the nature. It is a form of mindfulness, where your body and mind are stimulated by the nature. You move slowly, sit slowly, stand slowly, and listen, feel, hear, and taste in the nature. This has many positive effects on both the mental and physical state.

Event page

On the event page you can read more about the different classes and activities. This is also where you sign up. You can see the events here (Danish): Naturlig Bevægelse's event page


For more information

The abovementioned activities are primary in the summertime – except “Mindfulness in the forest”. During the wintertime, Lisbeth arrange Pilates and workshops inside or online. You can also book her for a specific event.

You can read more about Naturlig Bevægelse on her homepage (Danish): Naturlig Bevægelse

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