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Strejf Fra Verden

Strejf af Verden

Strejf af Verden welcomes you to a beautiful and completely unique shop in the countryside just north of Struer on main road 11 towards Thisted.
Stref af Verden is a store with a wide selection of classic and colorful artworks, handicrafts, clothes, bags, scarves and jewellery from all over the world, as well as a large selection of Mexican glass and Polish ceramics.
The store's assortment is unique, in the way that it consists of a mixture of the stores own carefully selected imports from many places all around  the world. The wares are purchased on a fair basis from family producers combined and gets combined with nice classic Danish clothes.
One of the biggest inspirations to be found at Strejf af Verden comes from Jette Brøndum Pedersen's, the owner and main operator, own travels where she was inspired by the Indians, their values, lifestyle, traditions and their fantastic art and needlework.
Stref af Verden supports fair trade and sustainability, like the use of natural materials and a product production that does not harm nature and is not carried out through the use of child labor.
In the pavilion by the shop you can always buy tea, coffee, soda, chocolate, ice cream etc.
From the quiet and cozy pavilion you can also watch the curious animals that is to be found on the grounds, for instance you can pet a llama or just enjoy the view over the beautifully hilly terrain with burial mounds to the fjord, Kilen and Struer harbor and town.

The shop and the pavilion welcome visitors, both small and large groups also outside opening hours, if the have made an appointment.

Strejf af Verden has the philosophy: "Hos os er det højt til himlen og her kan det meste lade sig gøre."
Which translates in to: "At ours it is high to the sky and here most things can be done." 



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