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Venø kartofler og lam - Struer

Venø Potatoes and Lamb sells potatoes through self-service at the Nørskov farm located on the northern tip of Venø.

Venø Potatoes & Lamb delivers quality food products in small-scale production. The two specialties are 10 hectares of early eating potatoes and lamb meat production from 65 ewes for wholesale.

Venø Potatoes

The company cultivates tasty, healthy eating potatoes. The use of pesticides is extremely low due to the high irradiation from the fjord and the fresh westerly wind. They aim for the very best quality, treating the potatoes with respect and as "golden apples" in all handling processes. Venø potatoes are available year-round, coming in 15 and 20 kg paper sacks or 2½ and 5 kg paper bags. The shelf life of Venø potatoes is up to several months when stored correctly.

Venø Lamb

In 2003, lamb meat production was established, and currently, there are 65 ewes. The ewes are a crossbreed of 4 races, including Texel, Suffolk, and Romney, which are pure meat breeds, as well as Gotland sheep, which are pure wool sheep. The crossbreeding aims to bring out the best from each race, resulting in lambs that are viable, healthy, self-reliant, meaty, and with good temperaments.

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