Salling Diver Park

Photo: Salling Aqua Park


Glyngøre has Northern Europe's first large dive park with ship and tank wrecks, compass and obstacle courses, stone reefs, raft and a cave.

The diving park goes from the beach at Glyngøre Lighthouse and reaches approx. 250 meters off the coast. The location close to shore, but with a depth of up to 24 meters, allows both experienced and new divers to train under safe conditions.

Salling Dive Park is the first element of Salling Aqua Park, which must also consist of a twice as large marina with 200 boat seats and a maritime center with canoe and kayak center and fjord bath.

The dive park is an artificial facility that can make sports diving safer. At the same time, a new stone reef will contribute to environmental improvement and ensure better breeding conditions for fish and bottom animals. The dive park is also a good snorkeling area for the clubs junior divers and bathers.

Photo:Salling Aqua Park

The tug is free. If you dive beach dives from Kassehuset parking, remember to park your car in one of the parking spots away from the Kassehuset when the equipment is unloaded so that it does not interfere with the other traffic at the port. The same goes if you are diving from the boat and the tug is used.

The swim from the beach to the mine is approx. 275 meters. There is a buoy all the way down to shallow water down to Kassehuset. From here you can follow a chain all the way to the stern of "Stine". From the anchor block at "Stines" bow, a small (8 mm) chain goes up to the platform. Guidelines have been laid out for the other objects.

Photo:Salling Aqua Park

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