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Beer & Oyster

Photo: Ruslan Merzlyakov

Beer and oysters go incredibly well together. In many ways, beer and oysters go better together than oysters and champagne, as many people think. You get our take on 24 differently prepared oysters and beers from one of our local breweries that create a perfect gastronomical pair.

Many people think that the only thing you can drink with oysters is champagne - but this is not correct. Many people also think that the only way to eat oysters is when they are raw - this is also not correct. In fact, oysters create a tasteful pair together with beer and there are many different ways to prepare delicious oysters.

That is why we would like to present 24 suggestions on how to prepare oysters and which beer from our local breweries adds to a perfect match.


Beer & Oysters comes from our “Øl & Østers” Christmas Calendar 2022, where two oyster experts and a host taste 24 beers from our local area, as well as 24 differently prepared oysters. All this was presented through 24 episodes (but filmed in one day) and you can watch every episode by clicking on the images below.

The different oysters are cooked and prepared by Jesper Voss (Oyster King) and Jesper Lynge (Livø Holiday Center).

24 beer and oysters

1. dec, Christimas Ale, Fur Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Fur Christmas Ale, 9.4%, is a complex Christmas brew of the Belgian Strong Dark Ale type with muscovado sugar and American hops from Fur Bryghus. Fur Christmas Ale goes perfectly with the hearty Christmas meal, but it is also a great hygge treat.

Oysters “Naturel”

Oysters “Naturel”, or the classic oysters, are served with lemon and works as a good combination with Fur Christmas Ale.

2. dec, Aronia, Nees Brygus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Aronia Sour Ale from Nees Bryghus is a beer fermented on wild yeast, which gives a sour taste. It is brewed on barley and wheat malt, with added Aronia from Thy’s organic berries. The barley malt is a mixture of 4 different malt types. One of the malt types is grown on Mors, as the brewery uses locally produced ingredients.

Lamb tartare Oysters

Lamb tartare oysters are served with Aronia Sour Ale. The ingredients are lamb, parsley with added mustard, salt and pepper.

3. dec, Jubilæums Bryg, Struer Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Jubilæumsbryggen from Struer Håndbryg is a beer of 4.5%, which is brewed with three different types of barley malt, as well as hops, oatmeal, cane sugar and yeast. It is an all-round beer that can be enjoyed with lunch and dinner. The beer is brewed in connection with Struer's 100th anniversary as a market town.

Oysters “Francaise”

Oysters “Francaise” are served with dark balsamic vinegar, red onion and a pinch of cane sugar.

4. dec, Hyldeknægt, Staarup Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Hyldeknægt is Staarup Håndbryg's answer to a pilsner without being one. It contains i.e., elderflowers, lemon slices and elderflower syrup – not excessive but enough to give the beer its character. The beer contains 4.6% alcohol.

Oysters “Colin”

Oysters “Collin” are available with a mixture of several ingredients, including cucumber, apple, olive oil, lemon juice and zest, with added horseradish, watercress, cane sugar and gin.

5. dec, Old Gambrinus Dark, Hancock- Øl & Østers Julekalender

Old Gambrinus Dark from Hancock is 100% Saaz hops and contains 9.5% alcohol. It is brewed with lager malt and through a special brewing method. It is an excellent alternative to red wine, and can advantageously be stored for several years, whereby the taste approaches a good port wine.

Oysters “Priapos”

Oysters “Priapos” are served with pesto, feta cheese and a small drizzle of chili flakes.

6. dec, Oyster Stout, Fur Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Oyster Stout is brewed with fresh Limfjord oysters, which resulted in a light stout beer from Fur Bryghus and Glyngøre Shellfish. Fresh oysters are added during the brewing process and they give the beer a sophisticated taste of minerals, malt, "wild nature" with a scent of English licorice.

Oysters “Cornflower”

Oysters “Cornflower”, as the name suggests, are served with blue cornflower from Thise together with blueberries and a bit of honey.

7.dec, Den blonde fra Nees, Nees Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Den Blonde fra Nees is a sweet blonde ale from Nees Bryghus, which is brewed from local ingredients. It is sweetened with honey from the brewery's own apiary. A very sweet and light spring honey is used during the brewing process, which gives the beer a special taste.

Oysters “Oyster King”

The iconic Oysters “Oyster King” are served with strawberries, lime and peppers of 4 colors

8. dec, IPA, Struer Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

The IPA is brewed by Struer Håndbryg from five different types of barley malt, three types of hops, cane sugar, oatmeal and yeast, and it contains 5.5% alcohol. The ale is post-fermented in the bottle and, therefore, it contains natural yeast residues. Pour carefully, so the yeast stays in the bottle.

Oysters “Cerviche”

Oysters “Cerviche” are served with red onion, red and yellow pepper, chili flakes, coriander and a combination of lime and lemon juice.

9. dec, Humlejul, Staarup Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

HumleJul is a light ale that Staarup Håndbryg has spoiled us with the lovely Amarillo hops from the USA. It can be enjoyed at a Christmas lunch or when you are getting tired of heavy food... then HumleJul lifts you one or two levels up.

Oysters “Limfjorden on fire”

Oysters “Limfjorden on fire” are served with rum and butter.

10. dec, Saaz Brew, Hancock - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Saaz Brew from Hancock is the Czech Saaz, which is one of the world's finest and most expensive hop varieties. It is the hops that have inspired the name-giving to the beer. Saaz Brew is under-fermented, which means that during fermentation and storage, very high demands are placed on both temperature and time. Therefore, Saaz Brew is aged for at least 180 days at 0 degrees Celsius before bottling. Saaz Brew has an alcohol strength of 8.1%.

Oysters “Kilpatrick”

To create a great combination for Saaz Brew, Oysters “Kilpatrick” are served with bacon, Worcestershire sauce and some ketchup.

11.dec, Nytårs, Struer Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Nytår from Struer Håndbryg is brewed with 5 types of barley malt, hops, coffee, cane sugar, brown sugar, oatmeal and yeast. The beer is only brewed once a year, namely, to celebrate the New Year. In this section, you can also taste the Chili nectar, which is brewed with Danish honey, fresh chili fruits, oatmeal and yeast, and contains 13.5% alcohol. It is a dessert wine/aperitif that can be enjoyed with e.g., cheeses, chocolate, a cup of coffee and oysters.

Oysters “Cunningham”

Oysters “Cunningham” are served with unsalted butter, spring onions and Marmite or Worcestershire sauce.

12. dec, Brownie, Nees Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Brownie is a dark sweet beer from Nees Bryghus, which does not taste as dark as it looks. The brownie is sweet with a dark late-summer honey, which may challenge the foam formation, but it gives a nice taste experience. 4 different types of malt are used here. Pilsner malt is grown on Mors and honey comes from the own apiary.

“Eastern” Oyster

“Eastern” oyster contains several ingredients, including ginger, trout caviar, soy sauce, yuzu juice, lemon juice, mirin, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar and sesame oil.

13. dec, IPA, Fur Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Fur IPA from Fur Bryghus is brewed with pale ale malt, English hops and yeast. It is dry hopped with the American hop types of Mosaic and Simcoe to give a fresh, aromatic and harmonious hop experience. The beer contains 5.6% alcohol.

Oysters “Popeye”

Oysters “Popeye” are served with sherry, cream, spinach, nutmeg, mustard and lime juice with added salt and pepper.

14. dec, Landsvale, Staarup Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Landsvale is a light, refreshing ale, with a large bouquet of freshly cut hay and high sky, from Staarup Håndbryg. Landsvale is a really fresh beer that goes well with fish and poultry or the first grilled neck chops of the year with new potatoes. The bottle contains 5.9% alcohol.

Oysters “Tarragon”

Oysters “Tarragon” are an "upgraded" version of Oysters “Cornflower” - served with fresh tarragon, cream and Blue Cornflower from Thise.

15. dec, Julehvidtøl No.1, Hancock - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Jule Hvidtøl No.1 is for many an annual tradition from Hancock. It has a dark golden color with a stable brown foam. The taste is strong and full of sweetness with a slight bitterness that overall makes it mouth-watering and delicious. It contains only 1.8% alcohol.

Oysters “Roulette”

Oysters “Roulette” are served with vodka, three colors of chili and red tabasco.

16. dec, Julebryg, Fur Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Fur Julebryg from Fur Bryghus is dark ruby-red beer with dense nut-brown foam, which has a long shelf life and gives beautiful lace on the glass. The taste is presented by rich caramel with an association of anise and licorice. A round, warm and complex taste with a harmonious bittersweet finish with 6.5% alcohol.

Oysters “Pastis”

Oysters “Pastis” are served, as the name suggests, with pastis, champagne or beer, cream, fennel, carrot, red onion, garlic and green apple, with Ricard pastis and paprika added.

17. dec, Bølgegang på færgen, Nees Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Bølgegang på færgen (Dark Saison) from Nees Bryghus is a type of beer from the Belgian/French peasant kitchen, which was brewed for seasonal workers on the farms. 4 different types of malt are used here with yeast that leaves an aftertaste of whiskey, together with a hint of peach.

Drunk Oysters

Drunk Oysters are served together with a Bloody Mary, which consists of vodka, tomato juice, pepper and celery salt.

18. dec, Honning Cider, Struer Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Honey cider from Struer Håndbryg is brewed with Danish honey, freshly squeezed lemon and mint, and contains 5% alcohol. It is a wonderful and fresh alternative for those of you who are not big beer drinkers. Honey cider goes particularly well with delicious Limfjord oysters.

Oysters “Hogwash”

Oysters “Hogwash” are served with rice wine vinegar, mirin, lime juice, fresh coriander and fresh jalapeno.

19. dec, Humlehave, Staarup Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Humlehave from Staarup Håndbryg contains Mosaic hops, which together with good malt varieties formed a good framework for a wonderful fresh IPA with tasty and distinct hop bitterness. Enjoy Humlehave for lunch or in the warmth of a sunbeam. The beer contains 5.6% alcohol.

Oysters Caviar

Oysters Caviar are served with raspberries and caviar.

20. dec, Økologisk pilsner, Hancock - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Organic Pilsner from Hancock is brewed on organic pilsner malt from the German malthouse Bestmalz, which was founded in 1798. The beer is brewed with Saaz hops from the Czech Republic, as well as German Halletauer hops to give the beer some more bitterness.

Oysters Caviar

Oysters Caviar are served with caviar, raspberries, strawberries and freshly ground pepper.

21. dec, Bork, Fur Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Fur Bock from Fur Bryghus is a clear and deep amber-golden beer with rich, cream-colored foam, and a long shelf life. It has a deep malty aroma that gives an experience of hops - and a strong, round-malty taste with a rich, harmonious finish of hops, which contains 7.6% alcohol.

Dessert Oysters

Dessert Oysters are served as a sweet combination of panko flour, currant juice, sherry, gelatin, white chocolate, blackcurrant jam, dark butter and lemon juice.

22. dec, Imperial stout, Nees Bryghus - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Imperial stout from Nees Bryghus is spiced with the dark, late summer, honey. It has also received an extra kick from the hops, which will give it a relatively strong taste. The beer does not have the highest alcohol percentage, but a powerful taste that characterizes an Imperial Stout. To brew Imperial Stout, 6 different malts have been used in the mixture.

Oysters “Batter”

Oysters “Batter” are served with common wheat, egg, cream from Thise and lager.

23. dec, Juleklokker, Staarup Håndbryg - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Juleklokker from Staarup Håndbryg is a deep, spicy ale with coriander and cinnamon, which has good bitterness. It is perfect to enjoy during the big Christmas lunch or on Christmas Eve together with the roast pork, the crispy rinds and the Christmas duck. Juleklokker beer is brewed in August and September. Contains 8% alcohol.

Oysters “Balsamico”

Oysters “Balsamico” are served with dark balsamic vinaigrette, red onion and added cane sugar.

24. dec, Julebryg, Hancock - Øl & Østers Julekalender

Julebryg from Hancock is stored for 2 years at the freezing point before bottling. During this long storage time, the different flavor nuances are developed, which help to give the Christmas brew its very own taste with enormous malt content and rounded hop character. Perhaps, the strongest Danish-brewed Christmas beer with 10.5% alcohol and 100% Saaz hops.

Oysters ala mande

Oysters ala mande are the real Christmas oysters. Served with butter from Thise, grass-fed milk, common wheat, panko flour, almond slivers, pickled cherries and rapeseed oil for frying.

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