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by the Limfjord

The western part of the Limfjord consists of small fjords, stretches of coasts and cozy harbors that must be experienced and explored. Sense the maritime atmosphere in the many harbor towns, which each offers unique experiences. Enjoy a sailing trip on the Limfjord, eat ice cream by the harbor, go fishing or join the maritime festivals around the area throughout the year.

The maritime land of Limfjorden is a true paradise for both sailors and couples.


Maritime experiences and activities

Harbours in the Limfjord

If you want to explore more information of the ports in Destination Limfjorden and the area of Limfjorden area in Destination Himmerland, click on the image below or investigate the brochure "Havneguide" (In Danish)

You can as well visit in which you will find more valuable information about all marinas in the western part of the Limfjord as well as the rest of Denmark. E.g., find the ports' that are member’s current events, experiences and provide an overview of places to eat in the area.

Go hiking along the Limfjord

Don't forget your walking shoes, hence you can experience the magnificent and diverse landscape of the fjord close. Here you will find untouched nature and hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails just waiting to be explored

Vandring Mors


Fishing in the Limfjord

The Limfjord has a natural potential for a sea trout fishery. Denmark's largest fjord receives water from 1/6 of Denmark's area and a star line of Denmark's very best sea trout streams have outlet in the fjord.

The diverse types of coasts invite you to fish, and the geographical conditions make it possible find a good spot regardless weather.

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