Vandring Mors

Out in the nature

Photo: Destination Limfjorden

Even though corona does not have the same control over Denmark anymore, we still have a responsibility to take care of each other. And lucky for you, there are many of places in Destination Limfjorden where there is plenty of space for everyone.

There is still a good reason to get out and get some fresh air in our beautiful nature and get out in our local community and experience the many unique places.
In Destination Limfjorden, there are lots of experiences and unique places where there is plenty of space for everyone.

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Gåtur ikon


Cykel ikon


Lystfiskeri ikon


Natur ikon

Nature Park

The hidden pearls

Visit one of the Limfjord’s hidden pearls, that is not overcrowded and with room for everyone.

Fossiljagt på Fur

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Photo: Jacob Lerche

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Try one of these Take-Away places.

Take-away places in Struer

Take-away places on the island Mors

Take-away places in Skive

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